Chairman's Report

I was asked back in the summer about what the SCRA actually does and replied that we look after the interests of the users of the Solent waters, be they Individuals, Clubs or Classes, across a wide spectrum of bodies with discussions on a growing amount of subjects, we represent your interests on such bodies as the Solent Protection Society and RYA Southern region along with members of Council sitting on many other organisations. We are always ready to take up any discussions on memberís behalf but always at their invitation, so if you have something that you think we can help with please contact us and we will advise how best we can help.

The Associationís memberships is healthy but please encourage your fellow users to become members so we can look after their interests as well, they at least get a copy of the Solent book, often described as the bible of Solent waters as part of the membership.

The waters of the Solent continue to be as busy as always and with little conflict between all the users certainly the members of SASAC, headed by our President, are pleased with the lack of incidents this past year, let us continue in the same standard going forward. It is also the SCRAís intention to hold another discussion on Solent safety, following on from our previous seminar, in the spring 2015 more details to follow.

We still get the occasional clash of similar events and I would ask that all event organisers to work together to reduce these clashes for the good of their own events and of other users of Solent waters, I realise at times that this is difficult, if not impossible, but please remember that we all organise racing for our competitors and when there are similar events running at the same time both the events suffer. Please also pass to us your events as they are planned so they can be added to the SCRA calendar which will enable all to see what events are planned in the coming year to enable them to also plan their dates and possibly reduce any conflicts.

Finally I would like to offer my thanks to my fellow Council members for the work they do, often behind the scenes, for the memberships benefit and look forward to the coming season of safe and enjoyable Solent events, both sailing and power. .

Dave Atkinson Chairman SCRA