Attention all Race Officers

by Kristen Lloyd



This short leaflet has written for old and new Race Officers to the Solent. Recently there have been concerns from the Ports Authorities about safety issues which have been raised due to lack of notifications of events.

The Port Authorities and their Pilots have also raised concerns about safety issues. This has arisen due the large volume of both organised events and casual leisure boating on the Solent. Combined with the increased size and volume of commercial traffic, the SASAC are therefore issuing these safety instructions, which are for all Race Officers running racing in the Solent Area.

The SCRA has worked with the Port Authorities to develop a standardised on-line system that can be used by all Member Clubs racing on the Solent through the SCRA website. Events should be notified as soon as possible and the event risk assessments should also be posted on this SCRA website. This will provide much-needed information to Clubs/Classes that are racing in common areas in the Solent, and easy access to information for Port Authorities and Ferry Operators.

SASAC Members: Solent Cruising and Racing Association (Chair), Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth (QHM), Harbour Masters of ABP Southampton, Cowes, River Hamble, Lymington, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Commercial Port and Yarmouth, Trinity House, Senior Pilot ABP, Sailing Director Cowes Week, Southampton Water sailing Association, RYA Southern Region, and Marine Management Organisation.


The map below shows the extent of the areas covered by QHM and the Port Authorities of Southampton, Cowes and Hamble.




  1. Submit your online Event Notification and Risk Assessment a minimum of 28 days before your event on the SCRA website. Your Club will have access to the event area. Make sure that it is posted to all the Ports Authorities areas that are relevant.


  1. Check what other events are happening on the same day as yours on the SCRA website and contact the Race Officers to ensure there are no conflictions


  1. Look up ABP and QHM shipping movements for the day on their web sites before setting a course and make sure as well as you can that it is set away from the Shipping.


  1. Update the information on your Event Form as soon as you know whether there are differences from from your original submission


  1. Before starting a sequence look around you to see if there is any shipping in your proximity – if so, ensure that your fleet does not cross the path of that shipping


  1. Do not anchor your Committee Vessel in the Main Channel or the North Channel between East Bramble and Calshot


  1. Do not lay Inflatable Marks in Navigation Channels or lay Inflatable Marks in close proximity to the Main Channel or the North Channel between East Bramble and Calshot


  1. Try not use Navigational Marks for rounding unless there is no alternative or for safety issues such as too many fleets rounding the same mark


  1. The following Marks may not be used as a rounding mark: Norris, NE Gurnard, West Bramble, Saddle Buoy, Horse Sand Buoy, and Outer Spit, unless QHM have given special dispensation to use Outer Spit.


Precautionary Areas:


The area between W Ryde Middle, Norris, Peel Bank and SE Ryde Middle has been added as a precautionary area due to the narrowness of the channel and the increase in the size of commercial shipping.


Links to Navigational Information


Movements: links for where Southampton and QHM movements are listed.


Navigation warnings: Links for said warnings:

ABP Southampton:




Local Notice to Mariners: Links for each authority: Noting as an example QHM  will publish LNTMs for Solent Swims and Hovercraft action on the Slipway at Lee on Solent


Incident Reporting:


A common reporting form has been developed for reporting maritime incidents that occur in or close to the waters of: ABP Southampton, The Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth, Portsmouth International Port, Cowes Harbour Commissioners and Langstone Harbour.


.            a) Damage to vessels.

             b) Movement of or damage to navigational marks

             c) Damage to shore facilities whether or not affecting the use of such installations by                                            

                other vessels involved.

             d) Close quarter situations between two or more vessels, which results in emergency   

                  action on the part of vessels involved


Link for QHM Portsmouth form:

ABP Southampton:





Contact details for all the Authorities:

Download this document here.

Attention all Race Officers