Solent Marks

Name changes for 2022

There are a number of changes to the list of Solent Marks for 2022, including two new marks, name changes for a dozen of the existing marks and a reorganisation of zones 8 & 9. Please refer to the following document:

Solent Mark Designations - Changes for 2022

Solent Mark Designations

SCRA publishes a list of over 150 Solent area marks, including the large majority of those that are commonly used. Each mark is now described by a code comprising two characters - either two digits or one digit and one letter. The list is recommended for use by all clubs and race organisers where courses are given on the radio, and may be used for course boards if desired. Details of the 2022 list are in the following files:

Solent Mark Designations - List by Zone

Racing Charts

2022 Racing Charts are available to download below:

Central Solent Racing Chart 2022

Eastern/Western Racing Chart 2022

Grateful thanks to Roberts Charts for these charts.

GPS-friendly version of Marks list

The 2022 marks list are also available in GPX format below. Software to read this file is available from many sources but one that is suitable is Easy GPS which may be downloaded from This software can load the list onto many different types of GPS equipment. Right click the following link and select "Save as" or "Save link as".

GPS 2022

Excel version of Marks list

If your club or class need an Excel copy of the Marks list - for instance, to add extra local marks or to extract a list of marks in your own area - please contact to request a copy.

Race Officer Handbook

Race Officer Handbook